Mercury – Artemide

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Hello guys!

Today I’ll introduce to you a very uncommon lamp: its name is Mercury.

Mercury is produced by Artemide and it was designed by Ross Lovegrove in 2008. It is very young but it already collected success.

It is made by an aluminium disc above all, from which a lot of large pebbles float. During the day it looks like a sculptural object, that reflects like a mirror what is happening around it!

I am not able to find any other detail, but this lamp is too special for not showing. I fell in love with it since the first time I saw it.


Interview to a lamp seller

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Hi everyone!

Today I want to propose something new and interesting, I hope!

I took an interview to a woman, who has a furniture store. She sells a lot of different lamps’ types. She is very interested in design and modern ideals, so she thinks that this idea of analyzing some lamps like works of art is great!

1) In your opinion, designer lamps are intended for a select clientele or the earth?

Surely they are aimed at people who appreciate the added value that has a design lamp. Usually it can be appreciated by a few or many, depending on the artistic sensibilities of each individual, cultural preparation and the environment in which they live. Certainly one guessed lamp can give personality to an environment, it also reveals the personality of those who experience it.

2)  So you say that is not enough to rely on your taste, there must be some kind of feeling with the object?

Personally I think the artist wants to express emotions through design and a passion that wants to transfer to anyone capable of perceiving. Therefore a particular object will be chosen by those in tune with the artistic expression of the lamp and his way of home living. It’s clear that we must treat an object as well as to dream, but it also must be functional.

3)  There are lamps that have fairly high prices and this prevents the purchase of a large range of people. Do you think this trade policy of this time of economic crisis, like the one we are experiencing, is right or would it be better reducing costs?

There are lamps that are still made at the level of craftsmen with the highest quality materials. Research and labor in Italy have high costs. But if we focus on quality and “Made in Italy” unfortunately the costs are easily compressible. I’ll do an example: If products would be produced in China the price would be reduced significantly, but it will have no longer the same characteristics. The patents of well-known designers have expired and therefore some objects could be made anywhere.

4)   You sell mainly lamps of famous companies and then also known to the general public. What do you think instead of the artisans who make peculiar and unique lamps, as if they were works of art, at competitive prices?

Italy has craftsmen with high professionalism and creativity that the whole world envies. When we speak about special lamps and large artistic impact, Italy is in pole position. For example, the most beautiful Arabian houses have Italian designers’ chandeliers.
However, when it comes to art, the price is only a small component and not the most important.
It’s clear that some lamps that have made history are more likely to be found in homes of people with high culture and a high economic position. There are lamps that have been created by great architects at the beginning of ‘900 and, although they are a form of expression of the past, they are still relevant today.
We see the greatness of the artist because of the lack of time in his creations.

I want to thank Erika for the help she gave to my blog! 🙂

Cindy – Kartell

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Here we are! This is exactly the lamp I chose for my blog’s home page. I chose it because it immediately impressed me because both of the simplicity and the design.

I think this lamp could be very personalized because it is available in a lot of different colors. You can choose the one you prefer and it can adapt to every type of environment. It is at the same time modern and actual but also classic and elegant!

It was created by Ferruccio Laviani, like Take and Bourgie. We can say that it is exactly the classical type of seventies lamp, obviously revisited in its shape.

It is available in all metallic tones: platinum, bronze, mint green, tangerine, ultramarine, flamingo, gun metal and violet. Cindy’s special feature is its shiny which confers a sort of touch of richness, radiating a multitude of iridescent reflections.

Dalù – Artemide

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As I already told you Artemide is an international brand of lighting. The public is very broad even if it doesn’t refer to all the people. Artemide is a company whose target is quite limited because of its prices, sometimes not very cheap. This is also due to the high quality of the materials with which lamps are assembled.

Today I am going to show to you a very peculiar lamp, made almost by plastic.

It was designed by Vico Magistretti and its name is Dalù. It has been projected in 1969 and in little time it became a prestigious lamp! Artemide has revisited the shape, so it has been adapted to our modern times.

You can choose among four different colors: red, orange, white and black. Vico Magistretti is one of the most famous Italian designers ever. He used to pay a lot of attention to the quality and the details. It is very important to keep the spirit of that period, but at the same time to integrate it with the ideals of our current age.

Atomium – Kundalini

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Kundalini is a company that was born in 1996, so it is quite young, but it started producing a lot of design lamps. One of the most beautiful is undoubtly the Atomium. It could be placed outdoor, indoor, or on a wall!

It has been designed by Hopf & Wortmann. The very modern shape gives a sort of “wow” effect to the environment in which this is placed.

A lamp, in the Kundalini vision, is not a simply useful, beautiful, functional object, but it should satisfy our senses.

Atomium has a dynamic shape, which is inspired by science-fiction!

Murano Lamps

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Hi everyone!!

I remember that a lot of years ago I went to Venice with my parents and then to Murano, an Island in the Venetian Lagoon. It is famous for its glass making and in particular in the field of lighting. The island became known for glass chandeliers. Chandeliers is the name given to these lamps, which are handmade with traditional tools and techniques. I can say that their charm will last forever and it is well-known all over the world.

Every object is unique and has a big value. There are lots of artists who produce tons of different types of lamps and then they sell them to various groups of people. They sell direct from their shop and they compete each other for the price. They guarantee a high quality even if the price is almost low.

Globo ST – Slide

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Good morning!

Last week while I was surfing the net I found this sort of ball and then I discovered that it was a lamp!! So I immediately decided that I wanted to tell you about it. Unfortunately I didn’t find so much information because it is very simple and apparently it doesn’t need so much explanation.

It was designed by Giò Colonna Romano and its name is Globo ST. The inventor was born in Sicily but used to live in Milan, he was an engineer and a designer. This lamp is produced by Slide, an Italian company which cooperates with a lot of famous and important designers al lover the world.

As regards our lamp it is available in a lot of different diameter measures. It is a luminous sphere and it is possible to place it both indoor and outdoor. A third arrangement could be that of hanging it on the walls.

This luminous ball is very pure and very graphic. Undoubtedly it recalls a modern ambiance.

The spherical diffuser made of polyethylen gives a sensual atmosphere. You can change the atmosphere as you like and get a colored lighting, putting a colored bulb inside.

I remember that I saw a lot of Globo in a club in Sardinia. They were all placed along the path leading to the disco! The atmosphere was amazing! I hope you could appreciate it too.

I was looking for some photos of Globo and I found the home page of Slide’s website. The first sentence impressed me a lot, beacuse I think exactly the same. I want to share it also with you!