Arco – Castiglioni


Today I’m going to talk about a very famous lamp, created in the sixties. I chose this in particular because during these days I read an article about it in the magazine of “Corriere della Sera”.

This lamp was created exactly in 1962, by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, and its name is “Arco”. It is produced by Flos. It immediately became an icon and a symbol of design during those years. Its adjustable shape is due also to a marble parallelepiped of 65 kg, which forms the basis of the whole lamp. The curved stem is composed of three stainless steel parts. The key word for this object is certainly simplicity.

Castiglioni has invented a lamp that did not resemble the others, already on the market: the design was inspired in name and form by a simple arc.

This lamp was the first floor lamp to have the same characteristics of natural lighting exactly like a common hanging lamp. This “evergreen” object is perfect for every type of environment.

In the photos below you can see how it fits with every different style of furniture and how appropriate is for any occasion.


~ by Giorgia Yasmine Rocca on April 29, 2010.

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