Guzzini – PizzaKobra

Hey everyone, sorry for the long absence but I was very busy but now I’m ready to show you some wonderful lamps I found while surfing the web.

Let’s start with one of the most peculiar lamp I have ever seen. Its name is PizzaKobra and the designer is Ron Arad. PizzaKobra is produced by an Italian brand, iGuzzini. I want to tell you also some curious details about it: it is among the first 100 best design objects in 2007 at the London Design Museum; it also exposed at MoMa in New York City; it won the Red Dot “best of the best” for the design and the first price of the German magazine “AIT”.

The name is due to the different forms into it can be rolled: you can make whatever you like, thanks to its little flexible body, starting from the initial form of “rest” , which resembles a sort of pizza and ending with the various shapes it can assume, which resemble a sort of Kobra; all depends from your imagination! Ron Arad said that it is surprising what can come out of a carton for pizza!!

This is a versatile and sinuous lamp, and its design is very simple. It is largely due to the quality of the materials with which it is made that makes it a refined and precious object. It is made by chrome mirror, steel and aluminium and has six leds which give a bright white light. They are located on all the lenght of the Kobra. They allow you to read and to work perfectly.

I think this lamp is very stylish and modern and it is perfect for a desk!


~ by Giorgia Yasmine Rocca on June 24, 2010.

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