Globo ST – Slide

Good morning!

Last week while I was surfing the net I found this sort of ball and then I discovered that it was a lamp!! So I immediately decided that I wanted to tell you about it. Unfortunately I didn’t find so much information because it is very simple and apparently it doesn’t need so much explanation.

It was designed by Giò Colonna Romano and its name is Globo ST. The inventor was born in Sicily but used to live in Milan, he was an engineer and a designer. This lamp is produced by Slide, an Italian company which cooperates with a lot of famous and important designers al lover the world.

As regards our lamp it is available in a lot of different diameter measures. It is a luminous sphere and it is possible to place it both indoor and outdoor. A third arrangement could be that of hanging it on the walls.

This luminous ball is very pure and very graphic. Undoubtedly it recalls a modern ambiance.

The spherical diffuser made of polyethylen gives a sensual atmosphere. You can change the atmosphere as you like and get a colored lighting, putting a colored bulb inside.

I remember that I saw a lot of Globo in a club in Sardinia. They were all placed along the path leading to the disco! The atmosphere was amazing! I hope you could appreciate it too.

I was looking for some photos of Globo and I found the home page of Slide’s website. The first sentence impressed me a lot, beacuse I think exactly the same. I want to share it also with you!


~ by Giorgia Yasmine Rocca on June 26, 2010.

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