Bourgie – Kartell

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Hello guys!

Speaking about works of art I have to show you a great piece of pure art! I have already told you about Kartell, an italian company, leader in the design field. As the other lamp (Take), also this one was created by Ferruccio Laviani and it is a best seller al lover the world.

It combines innovation, irony, tradition and modern and classical taste. The basis recalls the Baroque style, instead the upper part creates glares due to its shape and the “plissè effect”.

Thanks to its adjustable height it can assume three different positions, so it is extremely versatile: you can put it on a side-table in your sitting room, next to the bed or on the floor. Its light creates a gorgeous atmosphere and it has unique design that can enhance every room in which it is placed.

It is entirely made of transparent or colored polycarbonate but it seems to be made simply by crystal: it really looks like very precious. It is definitely one of the most elegant lamp we could ever see.


Guzzini – PizzaKobra

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Hey everyone, sorry for the long absence but I was very busy but now I’m ready to show you some wonderful lamps I found while surfing the web.

Let’s start with one of the most peculiar lamp I have ever seen. Its name is PizzaKobra and the designer is Ron Arad. PizzaKobra is produced by an Italian brand, iGuzzini. I want to tell you also some curious details about it: it is among the first 100 best design objects in 2007 at the London Design Museum; it also exposed at MoMa in New York City; it won the Red Dot “best of the best” for the design and the first price of the German magazine “AIT”.

The name is due to the different forms into it can be rolled: you can make whatever you like, thanks to its little flexible body, starting from the initial form of “rest” , which resembles a sort of pizza and ending with the various shapes it can assume, which resemble a sort of Kobra; all depends from your imagination! Ron Arad said that it is surprising what can come out of a carton for pizza!!

This is a versatile and sinuous lamp, and its design is very simple. It is largely due to the quality of the materials with which it is made that makes it a refined and precious object. It is made by chrome mirror, steel and aluminium and has six leds which give a bright white light. They are located on all the lenght of the Kobra. They allow you to read and to work perfectly.

I think this lamp is very stylish and modern and it is perfect for a desk!

Nesso – Artemide

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During the late sixties, in 1967, Giancarlo Mattioli created a very unusual lamp for that time in collaboration with Gruppo Architetti Urbanisti Città Nuova, the so-called “Nesso”.

In Italy it’s produced by Artemide. It spreads diffused incandescent lighting and it is made of ABS thermoplastic.

Nesso became very famous and important indeed it is shown in various museums like the MoMa in New York and the Triennale in Milan.

It is available both in orange and white. It has a kind of mushroom  shape.

Atollo – Oluce

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I have always been fascinated by a lamp called Atollo, designed by Vico Magistretti. It is produced since 1977 by Oluce. I think that it is  not just a lamp, it is great in its shape and like almost all the other lamps it is truly a work of art.

This table lamp gives direct and diffused light in opaline blown Murano Glass.

Shape is the keyword for this lamp! It is a sort of union of three different geometric volumes: a part made in opal glass entirely illuminated, a cylinder, a hemisphere and a cone. The hemisphere seems to be in balance on the cone, like hanging on it.

The top section contains two lamps: the diffuser reflects light back onto the base, providing an interplay of light and shadow that makes this lamp distinctive.

It is available in 4 opaline glass versions and a lacquered metal version and in three different sizes.

Atollo won a competition, where the award was called “Compasso d’Oro”, Italy’s highest design award, in 1979.

One of the most interesting thing about it, is that the lamp is still exposed to numerous museum collections, like MoMa, in New York, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf.

Take – Kartell

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Hello world!

There is one lamp in particular among all that I appreciate a lot: i love it and I also have it on my bedside table. It is the famous Take lamp, produced by Kartell.

Kartell is one of the most important Italian company in the production of design objects.

I adore this lamp because it is very simple but at the same time it gives to the room a sort of touch of elegance and sophistication!

This lamp is not very old because it was designed by Ferruccio Laviani in 2003, but it became immediately a “must”.

The classic icon of the bedside light is revisited with Kartell technology and transformed into an industrial product.

Thanks to the young and informal design, Take fits perfectly into both the home environment and in public places. It is made of transparent or colored injected polycarbonate: it is available in many different colors.

It consists of two symmetrical parts. Both the shape and the different tones create a play of light when it is turned on.

Wagenfeld Lampe

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Hi everyone!

I discovered that here in my house I have a very important lamp, so I want to talk about it because I love it! It was designed in 1924 by Wilhelm Wagenfeld together with Carl Jakob Jucker.

Wagenfeld was an important German industrial designer of the 20th Century. Some of his works are still produced until these days. This lamp is one of his classics and it’s a table lamp, known as Wagenfeld Lampe but sometimes it is also named the Bauhaus lamp because he was admitted as a journeyman to the Bauhaus workshop in Weimar. Here he designed the first model of this lamp. Today as well, the Wagenfeld table lamp continues to be manufactured on this basis, following the original specifications for dimensions and materials.

A very interesting thing is that each lamp is numbered and bears this logo: TECNOLUMEN and BAUHAUS.

Indeed Wagenfeld’s lamp is a masterpiece illustrating both Bauhaus philosophy and TECNOLUMEN’s dedication to Bauhaus design.

There are four different versions of the lamp.

Its foot is made of glass or chrome and the lampshade consists of opal glass. It became a symbol of an unique epoch in the history of modern art and then as an expression of modern contemporary design.
Even if its creator hasn’t become as prominent as other members of the Bauhaus period, Wagenfeld´s Bauhaus lamp still remains a worldwide respected work of art.

Arco – Castiglioni

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Today I’m going to talk about a very famous lamp, created in the sixties. I chose this in particular because during these days I read an article about it in the magazine of “Corriere della Sera”.

This lamp was created exactly in 1962, by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, and its name is “Arco”. It is produced by Flos. It immediately became an icon and a symbol of design during those years. Its adjustable shape is due also to a marble parallelepiped of 65 kg, which forms the basis of the whole lamp. The curved stem is composed of three stainless steel parts. The key word for this object is certainly simplicity.

Castiglioni has invented a lamp that did not resemble the others, already on the market: the design was inspired in name and form by a simple arc.

This lamp was the first floor lamp to have the same characteristics of natural lighting exactly like a common hanging lamp. This “evergreen” object is perfect for every type of environment.

In the photos below you can see how it fits with every different style of furniture and how appropriate is for any occasion.